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In this community of painting women/female faces, I will take you on the journey of creating male portraits in a mixed media style, meaning we will use different kinds of mediums during the layering of our artwork. 


For me personally it has been a longing to create male faces for a long time. During 2018 I started playing and sketching and teaching myself simple and basic techniques how to do it. 


As with all art, practice builds skills and I've learned ways to do it. I even got to play along the way as I started to see and understand what it was that I was doing. 
To spice up the community a bit I decided to make a course out of it and teach the beginnings of how to get started painting these male portraits. 
I will be teaching this course in my own unique and authentic style and take you along with me step by step as I intuitively create my male projects. 
I'll share with you my choices, my inner thoughts, my mistakes and my solutions so that you can learn about the process instead of the outcome or results. As always, my courses are about unfolding and evolving into a better version of yourself. Mindset is a big part in becoming an artist and pushing through the bad ones. 

On March 31 you will receive access to all 4 projects, so you can start where you want. They will be posted in the Facebook group. During the month of April, I will be active in the Facebook group and provide you with live Q&A sessions to answer your questions, to talk about the process and do a live painting.  


The projects shown are examples not the actual projects, just so you know. Teasers of the actual projects will be posted on Facebook during the coming weeks.
I hope you will join me on this course and expand your skills in painting faces. You will have lifetime access and the Facebook group will be open for as long as the course is for sale through my business. 


This course is yours for only $47,- 
What you will get and learn: 

- 4 full length projects 

- Downloadable Video´s 
- Art Techniques/Mediums 
- Facebook group for posting and support 
- To create male portraits 
- To trust yourself 
- To step out of your comfort zone 
- The power of mastering your mindset 
- The gift of fear 
- The skill of practice 
- The benefits of risk 

NO experience needed ! You are not alone... We travel and grow together! 
What do I expect from you: 
- A willingness to learn and try 
- Ask questions 
- That you are ready for change 
- To let go of perfection 
- To risk it all 
- To fail forward 
- That you embrace where you are and to let go of competition. 
- To experience others as inspiration and new possibilities.


€ 47,00Price