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2019 was be a very personal development year for me and I would to love keep on sharing my unfolding with YOU. We started KORU 2.1 - The Storie Continues in October 2019. 
NOW it’s time for 2020 and a NEW KORU. This will be the 3rd episode. 
KORU – Record Keeper Revealed 


To be able to create art, there is so much more to take in 

consideration then techniques and the use of the brush. 


Mindset, hard work and personal strength are a big part of the total package. 



You can now get KORU 3 for €20,20 


Course starts January 5 and ends on March 29. OVER 12 live sessions! 

Replays will be avaialbe right after the live session and at the end of the course you will receive a link to all sessions with a download option.

KORU 3 - Record Keeper Reveald

€ 20,20Price
  • KORU… The unfolding potential. If you are looking for a classic drawing class or painting class, then this may not be the course you want for yourself, although you will learn about drawing and painting. This is more, it is about diving into an artistic experience where there is no “teacher” nor “students”. There is a common experience that is both artistic and spiritual. You will be witnessing an artistic process of creating and you will be invited to be inspired and follow your own intuition . You may also follow the given example and give it your own touch. But since there is no preset goal, everything can change at any moment. There will be also moments of reflection, turning in and talking about what’s going on. In fact you will learn how to paint from within and to express your true self. I am happy to be part of this group of “sisters in art" who are on a neverending magical journey of unfolding ourselves through art.