If you are looking for a classic drawing class or painting class, then this may not be the course you want for yourself, although you will learn about drawing and painting. This is more! it is about diving into an artistic experience where there is no “teacher” nor “students”. There is a common experience that is both artistic and spiritual. You will be witnessing the artistic process of creating and you will be invited to be inspired and follow your own intuition. You may also follow the given example and give it your own touch. But since there is no preset goal, everything can change at any moment. There will also be moments of reflection, turning inwards and talking about what’s going on. In fact, you will learn how to paint from within and to express your true self. It's a group of “sisters in art" who are on a never-ending magical journey of unfolding their selves through creative expression.


2019 was be a very personal development year for me and I would to love keep sharing my unfolding with YOU through 2020.

The first episode of Koru started in January 2019.
We started KORU 2.1 - The Storie Continues in October 2019. 
KORU – Record Keeper Revealed was my third time running the live sessions starting in January 2020.

And now it's time for my 4th journey.



Course starts April 5th and ends on June 28. OVER 12 live sessions! 

Replays will be available right after the live session, so you can look at it whenever you want.


You can get KORU 4 for €25, - 


The Koru, Is the Maori name given to an unfurling fern frond. It signifies reaching towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new positive beginnings and hope for the future.

The meaning of the Koru is the foundation of this live stream experience.  


I love sharing my personal unfolding with YOU and how i connect to my Inner core.
To be able to create art there is so much more to take in consideration then techniques and the use of the brush.

In this course I go live all the way.
I will share with you my unfolding, my fears and how I return to my Koru.
I do this by making art with you and talking about the process.
I will be available for questions and thoughts.
What you will get and learn:

- Live sessions on Sunday at 20.30 CET
- Replays available 
- Mindset and creative Coaching 
- Art Techniques
- Facebookgroup for sessions and support

- To create from within
- To trust yourself
- To step out of your comfort zone
- The power of mastering your mindset
- The gift of symbolism
- How to connect with your energy

- Affirmations

NO experience needed! You are not alone. We travel together!

What do I expect from you:
- A willingness to learn and try
- Ask questions
- That you are ready for change
- To let go of perfection
- That you embrace where you are and to let go of competition.
- To experience others as inspiration and new possibilities.


You can now get KORU 4 for €25, - 


Course starts April 5th and ends on June 28. OVER 12 live sessions! 

Replays will be available right after the live session and at the end of the course you will receive a link to all sessions with a download option.

KORU 4 - Dreams of Prophecy

€ 25,00Price

    © 2020 by Muriel Stegers.