You, yes YOU, are an exceptionally gifted, profoundly creative, completely unique being with unlimited potential and a sacred purpose.

Do you believe me? If not, why not? It may be because the process of living in this world has changed you - hurt your heart, mind, and spirit.

You have protected yourself by retreating an fitting in the mainstream, but this has also hidden your unique gifts and your unique potential.


Welcome to KORU 2!

KORU is the UNFOLDING of your original, innate gifting, your purpose, and your unbridled POTENTIAL. In this intensive three month course, we will deeply explore the landscape of our souls in search of the treasures hidden from view.


We will nurture an intimate partnership with our creative self and we will create art from that deep emotional, intuitive, energetic space.Preconceptions, judgements, and the need for approval shade your soul's light. These will be shed as we journey together through LIVE painting sessions to a place of openness and authenticity.


There will be no planned projects. Together, we will create paintings guided by mindfulness, nonattachment, intuition, and the painting process itself.

Your experiences are unique to you and, therefore, your journey will be unique, but you will not be alone. I will guide you through the unfolding process and you will have the support of other participants in the class as well. Our paths are individual and personal but we travel together, hand in hand.


Are you ready to unfold? Are you ready to stoke the fire of your creativity and release your true, unbridled self as you step into your unlimited potential?

Celebrate the trees releasing dead leaves by releasing that which no longer serves your higher self. It was never your purpose to fit in. Your gift to the world is to be different.


Starting date: October 1, 2019

Session Starting Time: 20:30 CEST soon CET – Every Sunday Course

Length: 3 months

Meeting space: Online Facebook group (sessions will be given here)


If you have ANY questions, please PM me or email me at

KORU 2 - The Story Continues

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  • It was never your purpose to fit in. Your gift to the world is to be different .

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