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On A Man Hunt

August 29, 2018

Over this last year I have been hearing these whispers to my creative soul, they are the voice of a longing to expand my creative skills. Men, yes Men... Oh my how I want to paint Men.. Real men, retro looking dudes with beards and casual or vintage clothing. I have this vision of what they look like and now the time has arrived to bring them to life.

So the Hunt begins!!! I am on a Men Hunt. Raw expressive an loose.
As all journeys, this one also starts at the beginning. Teaching myself, playing, and lots of failing.
In failing i believe is so much to learn, all i have to do is show up and pick up that paint brush and keep going untill my brain adapts to the features. One step at a time.. 


If you haven't seen my first two men social media here they are again. I proudly present you Adam and Ethan.

Hunting season is open!!


Loads of Love,






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